21 May 13
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Corrector Face Off - Yellow tinted concealers 

Hello all, 

Decided I would do a Corrector Face Off  *ding ding ding*, with Physician’s Formula Corrector products.

The first product shown is Physician’s Formula “Youthful Wear” Corrector and it comes also with a light concealer. The product is distributed by a rollerball application. This kind of application isn’t my favourite since on the concealer side the product doesn’t even come out!

The second product shown is Physician’s Formula Concealer Twins product and I’m using the yellow side, this also comes with a light concealer. This corrector has a sponge tip application which is much easier to use, and more comfortable (I think). 

Here are the two swatches, on the left side is Youthful Wear corrector, and on the right is Concealer Twins corrector shade. As you can see the right side, the product application is much smoother, and the product itself seems thicker. 

Before applying the correctors I used a moisturizer on my skin (Origins GinZing) and eye gel (Olay eye gel). 

On the left side is the Concealer Twins and on the right side of my face is the Youthful wear corrector. After you can see a photo of the what the application looks like on my skin, and I put a powder over it after. 

The one that I liked most for the easy application and more of a full coverage corrector would be the Concealer Twin correcter, it is just soo much easier putting it on my delicate eye skin than the rollerball thing. If I  would repurchase I would choose the Concealer Twin one, and another bonus is you get it in a two pack!